Bergamont: Developing the Future

IMAGE: Carlos Fernandez Laser

The St. Pauli area in the heart of Hamburg is a place of contradictions, where new sits comfortably alongside classic and spontaneity and perfection both have a place. That vibe extends to Bergamont, a bike manufacturer that started off at the back of a bicycle repair shop there in 1993 and has since become a respected name in the industry. While the company has been established for over 25 years and bicycles are nothing new, the company’s attitude to them is.


“We think outside the box, we do things differently, we may seem a little rough around the edges, but we're always sincere and possibly a little crazy,” they claim.


The company recognises that a second age of the bicycle is upon us and champions the role of the cyclist now and in a greener future. Although they make few sustainability claims, not wanting to promise “something they can’t ensure” at present, they recognise that both push-bikes and e-bikes are in the unique position of providing a practical, versatile green transport option that also provides independence and a unique experience. They believe cycling is the most efficient and sustainable way to ensure individual mobility in a big city and recognise that the production, equipment and shipment of bikes all have to become far more sustainable as well.





IMAGE: Carlos Fernandez Laser

 To that end, in 2018, they banned almost all plastic parts of their E-Mountainbike packaging and lowered the percentage of synthetic material used down to 5%, preventing several tons of plastic waste every year.


“This easy win was a starting signal for further measures we’ll implement in the near future,” says Christian Thill, Bergamont’s PR and Communications Manager.


The company has a reputation for producing innovative, high quality bikes and their flagship store, which opened in 2014, provides them with around 200 square metres to show off their beautifully engineered bikes: racing bikes, mountain bikes, urban bikes and e-bikes for all ages. They continue to innovate, particularly within their e-bike range, increasing their expertise and promoting bikes as the transport option of the future—not the past.



IMAGE: Carlos Fernandez Laser

This drive has seen their e-bike range go from strength to strength, combining precision engineering with competitive pricing. The motors and batteries on all their e-bikes are water-resistant and they use benchmark Shimano and Bosch motors to ensure high energy efficiency and a good range. Motors are adjusted to the type of bike and there are plenty of models to choose from. Bergamont make E-SPORT mountain bikes in full suspension and hardtail versions (including two e-Revox models for kids); their E-Hybrids (e-trekking all-rounders designed for use on any terrain) and E-COMFORT trekking and urban bikes.


Bergamont have ensured there really is an e-bike (and push-bike) suitable for every cyclist.

“Every time someone decides to take the bike instead of the car is a victory for the individual,” says Bergamont.


“Every time this decision is taken in spite of bad weather, congested streets and bad cycling infrastructure is a victory for our modern, urban society.”


We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.





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