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A truly remarkable and unforgettable location with timeless architecture provides the perfect setting for your Green Event

January 9, 2017


Overlooking the Design Center Linz

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The Design Center Linz is the brainchild of German architect Professor Thomas Herzog, renowned for his flawless ability to combine aesthetic quality with climate-responsive architecture. The Design Center’s steel arch construction forms the roof of the 10,000 m2 pillar-free interior; providing a variable space concept for unlimited creativity. Built on top, there’s the unique glass roof comprising of 3,456 panels in the shape of a horizontal cylinder which helps to create a unique daylight atmosphere indoors. This revolutionary glass roof construction was designed by lighting consultants, Bartenbach Lichtlabor, and not only allows for magnificent natural daylight, but crucially also avoids excessive heat or blinding sunlight.


Make no mistake about it: the Design Center Linz is an architectural masterpiece; unforgettable to anyone who ever lays their eyes on it. Its design is unobtrusive, yet truly awe-inspiring.


Due to its versatility it stands out during conventions, public and trade fairs, galas, presentations, events, and meetings. Numerous national and international projects have taken place under the auspices of the Design Center Linz.



The historic addition to the Design Center is the Bergschlößl in the Froschberg district; an 18th Century castle which combines unique baroque and contemporary architecture to provide a balance of age and beauty. It is surrounded by an idyllic park and is therefore the perfect location for small, exclusive events such as seminars, conferences, smaller conventions, receptions, galas, private festivities and presentations. Characterised by grace and elegance, the Bergschlößl is also a beautiful location for weddings, which can also take place in the surrounding 30,000 m2 Bergschlößl Park, which was designed by famed Austrian naturalist Ignaz Schiffermüller.


Dynamics & Economic Power


The Design Center Linz benefits from the backing of the City of Linz Group of Companies. With around 10,000 employees, they are the largest service provider in town. The Group collectively provides the city with everything from electricity to fire protection to hospital care and waste collection services.


Event organisers can also benefit from the Design Center’s simple and convenient planning protocol, 100% cost transparency at point zero of planning, professional convention techniques and location management carried out by their customer-oriented Design Center Team.


Ecologically sustainable philosophy


The Design Center Linz has become Upper Austria’s very first and leading event location for the Austrian Eco-label Green Meetings & Events and has been a proud provider and certification authority since the 1st December, 2012. More and more event organisers are choosing to incorporate the principles of green meetings and green events. It’s proved to be a great way of improving the image of the company in the eyes and minds of delegates, employees, customers, sponsors, and the local community. Not to mention of course the more favourable impact green events have on the environment.


For an event, this would entail a greater focus on environmentally friendly arrival and departure arrangements, waste reduction and responsible disposal, and increased energy efficiency and regional value creation. Furthermore, caterers are expected to use organic regional and Fairtrade products.


With a little creativity and flexibility, the costs involved for a green meeting or event should even out, so that they won’t exceed the costs of comparable events.


The Design Center is ahead of its time: From the very beginning of the planning stages of the Design Center, there has been an emphasis on creating a timeless, multifunctional and ecologically sustainable event location, in full compliance with today’s green codes and standards. From the natural ventilation system to the cooling system, adaptations and improvements are being constantly made: most recently the installation of a well-water cooling system and two charging stations for e-cars in the underground car parking area.


The Design Center assumes its ecological and social responsibility with conviction, and will continue to do so in the future.


Planning ahead


The expert team at the Design Center consists of 24 experienced and ambitious staff members who will assist you in the planning, organising and conducting of your meeting, whilst providing the practical support and advice you need, when you need it.


Within the context of location management they can also offer various other event locations in Linz, which will include all leasing requirements.


Come rain or shine, the team is always on hand to provide you with the highest standard of service and all the help you need to make sure that your meetings are going to leave a climate-friendly impression on your target group, and most importantly, the planet.




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