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We've always wanted Sustain Europe to help find sustainable solutions for Europe as a whole. The Eurasian Economic Union, through its Belarus and the Russian Federation membership, covers around 41% of Europe's land area, and has the potential to contribute significantly to a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by climate change.


All Eurasian Economic Union countries have committed to climate action and have submitted their pledges to the UNFCCC. Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan have submitted GHG (Greenhouse Gas) target type pledges, and Armenia has agreed to take nationally appropriate mitigation actions. All countries have adopted the COP21 Paris climate deal. Which is why we are always more interested in looking at the things which bring us all together, rather than the things that keep us apart. Sustainability transcends political boundaries and requires global cooperation. Advancing the common good is about working together to protect our planet and our future.


This is the Sustain Europe approach which pervades all we do.

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One climate group revolutionises the way carbon credits will be purchased forever

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How European cooperation might be the only way to see the wood for the trees

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Dr Anton Galenovich gives his take on climate policy collaboration between Russia and the EU

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How Climate Russia are boosting the green economy in the Russian Federation

State Council meeting on Russia’s environment

Vladimir Putin chairs State Council meeting on Russia’s environmental development for future generations

Sustainable Universities for a Clean Future

Climate Russia and the Russian Carbon Fund organise their third conference at MGIMO University

The Blockchain Carbon Compliance Solution

The Russian Carbon Fund's IPCI finally makes it a reality

Carbon Registry launched in Russia

Russian Carbon Fund presents the future for the carbon market in Russia

Ecotech International Exhibition and Forum

Green tech gets a boost in Russia

Meeting of the organising committee

The first meeting for the Year of the Environment 2017



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