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Every home, every business and every government depends on energy. Energy is thus at the heart of everybody's quality of life and the single most important factor for each and every business in Europe today. Although today we also face one of the most important challenges of our time: how can we move towards sustainable growth without contributing to climate change and without relying on the extraction and imports of environmentally damaging fossil fuels?


The answer lies within keeping energy solutions right at the heart of all we do. Which is why at Sustain Europe we are proud to keep energy at the top of the sustainable agenda, so that Europe no longer relies on fossil fuels.

The Climate Crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian War

Fergal McEntee discusses the pressing need for comprehensive global energy reform

Addressing Europe's energy crisis

The European Heat Pump Association underscores the pivotal role of heat pumps

Beyond irony: Fossil fuels in a Climate Fund

WWF EU on why the inclusion of fossils fuels in the Social Climate Fund is the worst choice for the most vulnerable

PLATOON: Digitalising the energy sector

The EU-funded H2020 project PLATOON adopts disrupting technologies to help support the energy transition

Interview with Kalliroi Marini

Head of the Development and Innovation Department at Atlantis Engineering talks predictive maintenance

Interview with Plegma Labs

An interview with the research-intensive Enterprise IoT solutions provider

Interview with Mayte Carracedo

Chief Business Developer & Co-Founder at FundingBox provides valuable insight into funding opportunities

Interview with Rebasian Technologies AB

The Stockholm-based digital energy startup on accelerating the energy transition

Interview with Giuseppe Pirrelli

Data Scientist at MiPU talks about Predictive Maintenance and why it matters

Interview with RENN Solutions

Interview with the innovative SME developing core technologies in the Smart Energy domain

Interview with Ainara García Barinaga

The Project Manager PMO examines the impact of the PLATOON project

Interview with Heliocity

An interview with the Grenoble-based solar solutions startup

Interview with Christopher Jackson

Co-founder of Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd. provides insight into the benefits of PLATOON

Interview with Apio

The multi-faceted Venture Builder discusses the smart technology sector

Interview with Javad Hatami

CEO & Co-Founder of Builtrix discusses optimised real-time energy system management for buildings

Interview with DG Twin

The innovative Italian startup on striving towards sustainability through digital solutions

Interview with Erik Maqueda Moro

Data Analyst and Project Manager in the Digital Energy & Environment team at Tecnalia discusses PLATOON

Open letter to Commissioner Timmermans

Norwegian oil and gas are not the solution to replacing Russian gas say leading climate organisations

Can America go 100% renewable?

Our U.S. Correspondent Dr. John J. Berger looks at a new study suggesting it's practically and financially feasible

Interview with Kadri Simson

EU Energy Commissioner talks about the future of fossil fuel subsidies and pandemic recovery

Racing to save the Planet

How Solbian's world-leading solar technology is making the world a better place

Powering the winds of change

Leading Edge's Best of British off-grid wind solutions are helping to power a clean energy future

MEPs must not allow funding for new gas

WWF EU calls on the European Parliament to exclude gas from the Just Transition Fund

Hydropower dams' effect on rivers

WWF EU look at the 8,700+ new hydropower plants threatening Europe's biodiversity

European Green Capital Network

How cities can become 100% renewable and leave
no-one behind

Interview with S. David Freeman

Sustain Europe's U.S. Correspondent Dr. John J. Berger talks with America's leading energy policy expert

The EU's Just Transition Fund

WWF EU examine whether the Just Transition Fund can really move us away from all fossil fuels

Interview with Mark Z. Jacobson

Sustain Europe's U.S. Correspondent Dr. John J. Berger meets extensively with Stanford's climate scientist

Interview with Julia Egenolf

GrowSmarter Project Manager for the City of Cologne discusses SmartCity Cologne

Shooting the Breeze with HIKARI FIRST

The next-generation cooling and heating system from Fukuoka, Japan

Monaco's Energy Transition

Dedicated to accelerating the energy transition across all sectors

USA Focus: Going 100% Renewable

California advancing rapidly toward 100% clean power

and net-zero emissions

Cleaner Energy For All

The European Commission's Director for Energy Policy Megan Richards outlines the clean energy agenda

INTERVIEW with Dam Removal Europe

Pao Fernández Garrido gives the lowdown on the biggest myths about dam removal

How green is hydropower?

Fergal McEntee asks how much of a viable complement hydro can be for renewables

Growing the bioeconomy in Flanders

How Flanders Biobased Valley is committed to a fossil-free future

The Clean Energy Package

WWF EU gives the lowdown on the steps we need to take to secure a clean future

Interview with Dr John J. Berger

Our U.S. Environmental Correspondent shares his thoughts on climate change


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