Foreign Direct Investment

The expansion and development of business activities for the good of all


In an increasingly globalised marketplace, Europe is still the most dynamic destination in terms of FDI activity. Most of the world's FDI flows originate in, or are destined for, Europe. With the current and future process of EU enlargement adding a dynamic element due to the ongoing harmonisation efforts between old and new member countries, and with the opportunities arising in the emerging economies in the east, there really can be no better choice than Europe.


Sustain Europe is in a unique position to offer unrivalled, invaluable information, news and analysis of the business and regulatory environments on crossborder investment. Providing corporate decision makers with detailed, strategic advice and information, and supported by access to the leading voices in foreign investment, Sustain Europe ensures that the latest and best investment opportunities are always at your disposal.


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Sweden's second largest city Gothenburg has rapidly become Europe's leading sustainable business region

Interview with the Head of Green Gothenburg Sofia McConell

Business research collaborations to develop sustainable solutions

Interview with the Head of the Gothenburg Climate Partnership

Eastern Denmark and Skåne in Southern Sweden join forces

Examining eco-investment in the Paris Region

Raising the game in the Danish cleantech sector

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