How the EU Ecolabel is contributing

to the Zero Pollution Action Plan

July 4, 2022

IMAGE: DG Environment

Pollution is much closer to us than many would think. In the EU, it is the largest environmental cause of premature deaths and various physical and mental health problems. Particularly at risk of suffering the consequences of air, water, or soil pollution are children, people with certain medical conditions and the elderly.


But polluted environments are not only bad for humans. Pollution is also one of the main reasons for the loss of biodiversity, which is one of the leading environmental challenges of our time. When pollution levels reach harmful thresholds, ecosystems cannot function anymore as they are supposed to. This means they are losing their ability to provide habitats to species and other essential services, such as carbon sequestration and natural decontamination.



IMAGE: DG Environment

The EU Ecolabel: Strict limits for a pollution-free future



The EU Ecolabel is in line with the European Green Deal’s goal to encourage innovation and business opportunities as it accompanies manufacturers in their green transition and gives them the opportunity to market sustainable products towards a growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.


By choosing products bearing the EU Ecolabel, consumers are given the chance to make an educated purchasing decision and opt for products that really contribute to fighting pollution.







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