Exclusive Interview with Madeleina Kay

(aka the EU Supergirl)

March 14, 2018

IMAGE: #EUsupergirl



What do you think are the chances of a second referendum taking place?


The 2016 EU referendum in the UK was a completely farcical affair, providing a result which has basically no legitimacy. It was a referendum that should never have been held. Even President Macron said, "had the French people been presented with the same question they would probably have voted the same way." Our complex relationship with the EU cannot be solved with a binary "yes"/"no" answer, and that is why our country is in such a sorry state.


The level of political education in the UK is abysmal and EU funded projects are very poorly publicised. The people of the UK were very poorly informed and unqualified to make this decision. In addition, the right-wing dominated press, who have perverse interests in tax avoidance and dislike "pesky" EU regulations, have been generating Eurosceptic rhetoric for decades, blaming the EU for the failings of domestic policy. A misinformed electorate is very dangerous and fundamentally damaging to democracy because it's vulnerable to active deception by political agendas. The British people were consistently lied to by the Leave campaign and promised a cornucopia of unfulfillable promises. Their Brexit vision is a fantasy.


The British people are slowly realising that Brexit is the biggest scandal in the history of the UK and many are rightly angry. Leavers are fighting over what "Brexit really means"; they voted for the same thing but in reality they have different, often conflicting aspirations. The government are doing an appalling job of negotiating the Brexit deal and when they fail to deliver what the majority of British people want, there may be enough public pressure to demand a second referendum. Young people voted overwhelmingly in favour of Remaining in the EU, I hope they will also demand a say in their future.



Is there any message you would like to send out to our European neighbours?


Last year I organised a project called "Letters to Europe", where I collected 1000 letters from British people in the UK who are campaigning against Brexit. The aim of the project was to send a message of solidarity and hope to our European friends. When I gave out the letters in Brussels at Christmas time, I realised from people's responses, that there are a lot of misconceptions about Brexit in Europe. Many people do not know how narrow the majority was, 52% voted in favour of Brexit, which is around 37% of the eligible electorate. It is also important to note that certain groups were denied a vote, including 16-17 year olds (who are 82% in favour of Remaining), EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens living abroad; basically the people who will be most affected by Brexit were refused a say in their future. Many recent polls reveal that opinion has swung in favour of Remaining in the EU. What I want to emphasise to Europeans is that there are many, many people in the UK who treasure their European citizenship, who want to stay part of the European family, and they are actively fighting Brexit. There is still hope that it can be stopped so please don't give up on us and support our efforts.


Just before Christmas I received a message online from a European citizen who said he had seen my Facebook page and discovered my activism, and it had "changed his mind about British people". He had thought we were all "nationalists" in favour of "Brexit". It breaks my heart, to think that Europeans "feel rejected" by their British counterparts, and if there is one message I can send, it would be a message of hope, peace and love.





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