July 4, 2022

Who would have thought that in the 21st century we would still be seeing children and adults murdered, entire cities being razed to the ground, violence inflicted and atrocities beyond imagination committed towards civilians? This is the reality of Ukraine in 2022.


Prior to the outbreak of war, the Klitschko Foundation in Ukraine had been making children’s dreams come true for 18 years. Founded by famous Ukrainian brothers Wladimir and Vitaliy Klitschko, former world heavyweight champion boxers, the Foundation has supported young people by helping them discover their potential and realise their dreams. The Foundation supports learning as well as social, emotional and physical development in the areas of sport, science, education, and medicine. By competing in contests and tournaments, and studying in school, children develop the skills to overcome the barriers imposed by their environment.

The Foundation also helps students find their first job through social media. The Klitschko Foundation has helped more than 1,847,164 children to gain the skills and work experience they need to succeed in the modern world and become change agents in their communities.

The Foundation’s  motto is: ‘fight for your dream’.


Now, adults and children alike are living a nightmare in Ukraine. The war has been raging for over a month, threatening to crush the dreams of the Ukrainian people. But the Foundation's dreams are not crushed. It’s still determined to fight for the future of Ukraine’s children. The team understand that their original goals can’t be realised  in the midst of this crisis, while teenagers sit in bomb shelters, teachers pick through the ruins of their houses and thousands flee their homes. That’s why the Foundation’s  priorities have changed. It’s currently directing efforts towards providing humanitarian aid such as food, clothing, medical care and other humanitarian assistance. No funding is being used for military equipment, weapons or ammunition.


Since 2003, the Klitschko Foundation has taught young people to fight for their dreams through its projects. Now the entire nation of Ukraine, and many countries around the world, are united in fighting for peace for the Ukrainian people. Together with global organisations and financial supporters, the Klitschko Foundation team is working to maintain the supply of all necessities to Ukraine. The Foundation needs the support of like-minded people more than ever. You can help the Foundation support the citizens of Ukraine by making a donation here:



It is important to remember that no contribution is too small: even the smallest amount can save a life.


In addition to humanitarian assistance, the foundation is helping young people with employment during this difficult time. As many people in Ukraine have lost their jobs, the Foundation supports them by sharing job opportunities within Ukraine and abroad. If your company has a vacancy, the Klitschko Foundation will be happy to share it with Ukrainians.



Help Ukrainians fight for their dream - a peaceful sky over Ukraine!



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