New EU law should reveal how sustainable companies really are

April 8, 2019

By Sébastien Godinot, Economist

WWF European Policy Office

Container Terminal Tollerort in Hamburg, Germany






The exciting thing is, once we have an ambitious taxonomy agreed, it can swiftly start being put into place. This is because the European Commission’s technical experts are already working hard on the tool needed to set up the taxonomy, and will set up a dedicated group to complete the task.


It’s a critical moment. If it fails to improve the taxonomy’s ambition, the Council will have missed a crucial opportunity to accelerate the EU economy’s transition towards sustainability. It will make European leaders’ commitments on climate and sustainability leadership, and their claims to lead on sustainable finance, look hollow.


It is time to back those commitments and claims with ambitious action: getting the taxonomy right is the next opportunity. This will bring us transparency on the environmental impact of economic activities, and help improve our economies’ environmental footprint, in order to curb emissions and drive a truly sustainable future for Europe.






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