Prague Green City Guide

March 19, 2018  

Morning run on the Charles Bridge

IMAGE: Prague City Tourism

Prague Green City Guide is an independent Prague guidebook written for eco-conscious travellers looking to enjoy Prague authentically and with a lighter footprint.

In 134 full-colour pages, printed on FSC-certified paper, and featuring an unfolding map, the book presents 167 tips for Prague's most sustainable local businesses, NGOs and initiatives. Restaurants, design shops, hotels, urban gardens, bike tours and more were personally selected and vetted by the authors, Jennifer Day and Aneta Hebrová.


Jennifer and Aneta are an Austrian-American and a Czech who both live in Prague and are passionate about sustainability. In early 2015, spurred by a personal mission to “green-up” their own lifestyles, the two young ladies set out to uncover more sustainable alternatives in Prague. During the next two years, they interviewed over 250 local green businesses, nonprofits and local experts. At the end of 2016, they decided to publish Prague Green City Guide to make their two years of research more accessible to readers from around the world—and to demonstrate that Prague is greener than most people think.


“Writing this book was a natural decision,” says co-author Jennifer Day. “We had all the research completed, and were excited to share this lesser-known side of Prague with more people.”


While the book is written in English, the authors have strong connections with the local community.


“A strong-point of our team is that we are well-connected both to Czech and English-speaking communities in Prague. This means that we can maintain strong relationships with the businesses and organizations in our book, making it easier for us to keep our content accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, we are able to stay in touch with our English-speaking readers, keeping a pulse on what topics interest them.”


The book’s content is geared towards a wide audience of people interested in sustainability, from those who favour high-tech gadgets and gourmet organic food to those preferring vintage shops and a vegetarian buffet.


“Our main philosophy is that we encourage even the smallest steps towards sustainability,” says Jennifer.


As well as giving details on places where visitors can eat, sleep and shop sustainably, the book also provides advice on how to recycle, save water and reduce packaging waste while in Prague.


“We personally selected every single business and organisation in the book on the basis that they meet at least certain basic sustainability criteria in both their operations and their products, such as making efforts to save natural resources and reduce emissions. We don’t tolerate greenwashing and would not include businesses that we don’t believe are making genuine efforts to be more sustainable.”


To date 1100+ copies of the book have been sold and it continues to be praised by readers around the world. As put in one review of the book by Martin Barry, Founder and Chairman of Prague’s world-renowned reSITE conference,  "Carefully researched, artfully designed and thoughtfully produced with local book makers, this is the definitive guide for the

sustainably minded resident or tourist in Prague."






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