Tales of Transformation: Lousada uses environmental education to transform their city

May 19, 2020


IMAGE: Municipality of Lousada


Local transformation needs to be brought to the next level in all aspects of society. Europe needs solutions for major environmental, economic and social challenges! But we also need inspiring, replicable examples of how urban leaders have transformed their towns and cities.


In the run-up to Mannheim2020, we will showcase examples of how towns and cities across Europe have done this.


This week we take a look at Lousada (Portugal) and explore how they’ve used environmental education to make their city more #sustainable, #resilient and #liveable.




IMAGE: Municipality of Lousada

Lousada: integrated education for sustainability

Lousada is a densely populated municipality located in rural Portugal. However, despite its rural setting, there is in general a low appreciation for the importance of nature among residents.


The City faces numerous environmental challenges, such as water pollution, forest fires, invasive plant species, habitat and landscape degradation, and biodiversity loss.




IMAGE: Municipality of Lousada

In order to combat these problems, the municipality has, since 2017, used a sustainability strategy structured on several axis: research; environmental education; social engagement; and infrastructure.


Through their work they aim to promote environmental practices, inspire and support alternative ways of creating conservation areas and job opportunities, and reconnect local citizens with the rural landscape.


IMAGE: Municipality of Lousada

To date, the city has experienced impressive results, including: the planting of 40,000 native trees with the support of over 4,500 volunteers; the restoration of over 20 hectares of degraded land; the creation of more than 20 wildlife ponds; and an increase in waste recycling by over 500 tonnes per year.



IMAGE: Municipality of Lousada




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