The Economist's Sustainability Week US

May 18, 2021

The Economist's Sustainability Summit, U.S. convenes industry leaders, sustainability professionals, investors, policymakers and academics for robust debate and dialogue.


Following the change in administration in the U.S., Sustainability Week US examines how climate-related policy and regulatory change will impact U.S. business and society, and how Biden's $2 trillion investment plan, if enacted, might help to confront the climate crisis and curb wealth divisions. In addition to climate-related initiatives, businesses will also showcase how they are helping to solve inequalities around gender, race and opportunity. Through case studies, interviews and discussions, Sustainability Week US will provide actionable insights and solutions to help businesses navigate their sustainability journeys.


We start the week on Day 1 looking at how we can unlock investment and measure ESG performance, Day 2 is about emissions and the race to net zero. On Day 3 we tackle the growing area of circular economy and biodiversity, finally on Day 4 we delve deep into social sustainability to understand how we should address gender, economic and racial inequality.


Sustainability Week US: a focus on the practical and the actionable.


Four action-oriented industry tracks, plus real world case studies:


  1. Unlocking investment and measuring ESG performance : Exploring ways to unlock investment and how to most effectively capture value from ESG
  2. Social sustainability: addressing gender, economic and racial inequality : Assessing how companies can integrate social sustainability into their business strategies
  3. Emissions and the race to net zero : Identifying best ways for businesses to measure and reduce scope 3 emissions to achieve net zero
  4. Circular economy and biodiversity : Looking at how circular economy strategies can help organisations achieve their goals


Who should attend?


  • Senior sustainability and CSR professionals from all industries
  • Business leaders and executives (managers, directors, c-suite) from all industries
  • Impact investors / responsible investors
  • ESG reporting agencies
  • Charities and organisations with an interest in sustainability issues
  • Sustainability and climate academics e.g. researchers and professors
  • Relevant government bodies, departments and policymakers


Event Date = June 8th – 11th 2021 | Virtual Event


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