The EU Ecolabel continues to grow!

August 28, 2023

IMAGE: EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel presence on the European market keeps growing, demonstrating an ongoing interest in eco-friendly products from businesses, consumers and retailers. As of March 2023, a total of 2,367 licenses have been granted for 88,045 products, encompassing both goods and services, within the European Union market.


The EU Ecolabel, the official European Union voluntary label for environmental excellence, has once again seen a significant increase in the number of registered licences and awarded products. Consumers now have the option to choose from over 88,045 EU Ecolabel products under 24 categories of product available on the European market.


The most popular product groups in terms of the number of products are: Indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes (41%), Tissue paper and tissue products (17%), Textiles (10%), and Hard surface cleaning products (8%).


As of March 2023, the majority of licenses have been awarded in Italy (17%), Germany (16%), Spain (15%) and France (14%). Similarly, the majority of products have been awarded in Spain (18%), Italy (15%), France (13%) and Germany (10%).


In the past six months, the majority of EU Ecolabel product groups have experienced growth in both the number of licences and products.


Compared to the figures of September 2022, there has been an:


  • Increase in the total number of awarded products (+560 products = +0.6%)
  • Increase in the total number of awarded licences (+97 licences = +4%)


Textiles, Indoor and outdoor paints and varnishes, Cosmetic products and Hard surface cleaning products are the product groups that have seen the largest increases over this six-month period. With 24 new licences, Tourist Accommodations is the leading product group in terms of awarded licences with a

total of 523!




IMAGE: DG Environment



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