The EU Ecolabel: The role it plays in the

EU's Sustainable Consumption Pledge

January 9, 2023

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The widely adopted EU Ecolabel allows consumers in Europe to buy environmentally conscious products that meet strict and third-party verified criteria. Above all, it plays a crucial role in fulfilling the EU's Sustainable Consumption pledge.


Choosing and promoting EU Ecolabel products makes a real contribution to the biggest environmental challenges of our time identified in the European Green Deal, such as reaching climate neutrality by 2050, shifting to a circular economy and reaching the zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment. By joining or increasing the visibility of the EU Ecolabel scheme, stakeholders can participate in relevant initiatives from the European Commission, such as the Sustainable Consumption Pledge.


This EU initiative launched in 2021 is a part of the New Consumer Agenda, and it invites companies to take a voluntary pledge to support sustainable consumption beyond what is required by law. The pledge is an opportunity for companies with great activity in the EU member states to show the world what important steps they are taking to be more sustainable, as well as an opportunity for consumers to become more aware and choose more sustainably.


By taking the pledge, companies commit to identifying and reducing their carbon footprint by setting clear and measurable targets for the upcoming years. In addition, they commit to at least one more of the following actions: identify and reduce the 'company's environmental footprint (which relates to other environmental indicators than carbon dioxide, such as impacts on water, air, land use and toxicity); increase 'circularity' in its activities  (e.g. use more recycled or sustainably-sourced material, generate less waste, lower energy consumption); and respect social sustainability across the company's full supply chain (e.g. ensure sustainable production and labour rights or register their products with social responsibility recognised labels).


One way to pledge and achieve results in terms of reducing the environmental footprint, increasing circularity and as to respecting social sustainability, is through either awarding products with the EU Ecolabel, or increasing the visibility of products already awarded with the EU Ecolabel. Founded in 1992, the EU Ecolabel is the EU's official voluntary ecolabel for environmental excellence, awarded to products (goods and services) that meet the highest environmental standards in their respective product category, ranging from cleaning products to furniture and even holiday accommodations.




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